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Sarah Jo Chreene is a young artist, and resident of Dallas, Texas. Her passion, and one she devotes most of her time to, is her art. She sold her first piece at the age of 17, and hasn’t stopped since.

Sarah Jo has worked with best-selling authors such as Ella Frank, Riley Hart, Jaclyn Osborn, S.J. Himes, among dozens of others, doing a wide range of projects from cover art, promo art, interior illustrations and character art.

Sarah Jo loves to work in a variety of mediums, including digital painting, photoshop, acrylic, charcoal, pens, pencils and freehand sketching and painting in a wide range of styles from anime, sketchy, realism, and cartoons.

She studies the works of old masters as well as modern anime, which makes her style both eclectic as well as timeless, while always striving to bring out the subjects true emotions.

Between professional commissions, Sarah Jo delights in creating private artwork based on personal requests, and has brightened the walls of many patrons over the last several years of selling her work.

She is accepting commissions for a wide variety of projects, and can be reached through social media and email.

For examples of her work, Sarah Jo is on Facebook, Instagram and DeviantArt.


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